Gregory Ambrosio Consulting

Gregory J. Ambrosio Consulting

Capital Markets
Debt Management
Managing Assets and Liabilities

I have provided technical assistance and advice in nearly 40 countries throughout the world. I have experience in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, where I have supplied sound solutions to difficult issues and problems. I work with the International Monetary Fund, the U.S. Treasury, the World Bank, the Arab Monetary Fund as well as Non-Government Organizations. Given the complexities of today's global environment, my experience in the global capital markets, debt issuance management and in the management of assets and liabilities delivers insights which are indispensable for Ministries of Finance, Central Banks and asset managers .

I offer consulting services in a number of important areas of concern to ministers of finance, central bankers, and asset and liability managers. These include such topics as: the organization and operation of the debt office; debt issuance and management, especially as it relates to monetary policy and the issuance of central bank certificates of deposit; debt restructuring; capital market development; cash forecasting techniques; directing and managing a sovereign wealth portfolio; and other aspects related to managing issues within the Ministries of Finance and/or the Central Banks. I provide technical assistance to clients either directly or through global intermediaries on a range of topics and issues. I can conduct a review of the current technical assistance programs in place, evaluating their progress, value and effectiveness, as well as assessing the interface and relationship of the various programs. I can also provide training to staff on topics such as communication, the effectiveness of cash forecasting, issuance management and the development of the yield curve, "bond math," credit analysis and asset management techniques. While English is my native tongue, I also have advanced language skills in both Spanish and French.